HeadsApp offers mobile app developers
a single and easy code integration
access & management to all services and service providers
all to minimize code handling and simplify control

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A Single SDK

Work with any service provider using a single code and change or add provides quickly and easily.

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A/B Testing

Communicate and test several providers simultaneously.

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Lean & Mean

Keep your App light, even when working with multiple services and providers.

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Don’t waste time recoding and re-launching every time you change providers.

  • 1 SDK
  • 1 Implementation
  • Any Service Provider
  • Optimal Performance
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Choose and work with several service providers at a time

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We don’t mediate, so you get optimal results from every service provider

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Compare results and earnings and work with the most efficient providers out there

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Maneuver between providers quickly and easily without re-coding

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Take control. Manage your results through a unified KPI Decision Making Platform

The HeadsApp Advantage

HeadsApp gives the tools to easily monitor and manage your ad earnings.

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Compare & Analyze

Get a detailed overview of stats. Compare and analyze the results of each provider

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Improve & Optimize

Make better decisions based on the information provided by HeadsApp Aggregative Dashboard

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Save Time

Don’t waste time adding, updating or replacing SDK’s – HeadsApp enables the use of any provider without any code change.

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Earn More

Manage your performance easily and with no hassle

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